B SAND, Skin Care that goes under your skin

“As a dermatologist with 20 years of expertise in anti-aging, the passion for healthy and perfect skin has inspired me to create for you B SAND THE SWISS POWER SKIN CARE. This most compact doctor's brand consists of the award-winning classic THE SWISS POWER PEELING and the new THE SWISS POWER FACE CREAM. This powerful duo reflects my philosophy: noticeably more beautiful and healthier skin from the very first treatments, thanks to the best ingredients in optimal concentrations. A beautiful soul deserves a beautiful skin.”

Brigitta Cavegn

Dott. med. Brigitta Cavegn

30 years of medicine
20 years of dermatology and anti-aging medicine

  • She studied medicine in Fribourg and Bern.
  • She specialised in dermatology and venereology, at the University of Zurich dermatology clinic, she is a member of FMH.
  • Several undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and internships in:
    • paediatric medicine, Rondebosch, South Africa
    • dermatopathology, New York and Philadelphia
    • several other courses in aestheic dermatology in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Collaborated in the writing of several magazine articles for specialised publications, and co-authored the book "Resolving Quandries", A.B. Ackerman, B. Cavegn, Promethean Medical Press, Ltd. 1995
  • Since 1996, she has had her own private medical office in Mendrisio, Switzerland, where she focuses on aesthetic dermatology with chemical peelings, fillers, botox, CO2 laser treatments, IPL, LED therapies, cryolipolysis and mesotherapy.
  • In 2008 she launched her signature product B SAND THE SWISS POWER PEELING.
  • In 2017 she launched her signature product B SAND THE SWISS POWER FACE CREAM.
Dr. Brigitta Cavegn

The highest Swiss quality standards

Louis Widmer SA is a Swiss company based in Zurich which has been developing and producing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for over 50 years. The company has an excellent reputation throughout Switzerland and the rest of the world.The company has an excellent national and internationalreputation in the manufacture of medical and cosmetic products. The precious collaboration with Louis Widmer SA, its highly evolved technological processes and pharmaceutical standards contribute to the excellent quality of B SAND products.

B SAND's success makes us happy and we are pleased to be a part of it. Annemarie Widmer

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